Portable Clothesline

Portable Clothesline

With a portable clothesline, you don't need to choose between the indoors or outdoors

If your looking for a convenient drying solution that allows you to move your laundry quickly from space to space or indoors to outdoors, then we have the ultimate solution with a portable clothesline. Made from the same strong and durable materials as outdoor clotheslines, our range of portable clotheslines are well suited for any space including, balconies, inside your home or laundry, courtyards, garages and even campsites.



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Sky Dry Portable Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline Sky Dry Portable Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline
Sky Dry Portable Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline
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Hills Portable 120 Clothesline Hills Portable 120 Clothesline
Hills Portable 120 Clothesline
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A Portable Clothesline has the following benefits:

  1. More economical choice
  2. Can be used indoors and outdoors easily
  3. Can be taken with you to holiday houses or campsites
  4. Fold flat for easy storage
  5. Space saving drying solution
  6. Perfect for smaller spaces like apartments, units or as a secondary drying space
  7. If you live in a wet climate, a portable drying option is more suitable
  8. Easy to manoeuvre with wheels
  9. Weatherproof

Yes, the Hills Portable 120 and 170 clotheslines are made from durable materials and fully weatherproof, making them suitable for outdoor use.

If you need a Portable Clothesline option that has ample drying space that is similar to a folding or rotary clothesline, then the Sky Dry Sunchaser Mobile Clothesline is a good option. It provides a total of 48 meters of drying space. Plus you. have the added benefit of using it both indoors and outdoors no matter what the weather.

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